Otherworldy Conflict

Requests of Thargrom

Post what item you want Thargrom to either make or upgrade for you and what you want it to do.

Killcrusher Smash

  • 1. Dwarven Mithral Fullplate +1
  • OR
  • 2. Huge Goliath Great Hammer +1


  • 1. Dwarven Mithral Tower Shield +1


  • 1. Dwarven Adamantine Tower Shield +1


  • 1. Ring of Invisibility to a +1 Protection bonus


  • 12 +1 Returning Shurikens

Path Seeker

  • Magic Holy Symbol


To Killcrusher Smash, Thargrom grants a Dwarven Mithral Fullplate (with a small payment of 1500gp)
To Baragrom, Thargrom grants a Dwarven Mithral Tower Shield +1
To Baragrim, Thargrom grants a Dwarven Adamantine Tower Shield
To Fedelity, Thargrom grants a Dwarven Ring of Invisibility +1
To Felicity, Thargrom grants 12 Dwarven +1 Returning Shurikens
To Path Seeker, Thargrom grants a Dwarven Silver Holy Symbol to Sarenrae of Selective Channeling

It takes Thargrom 1 week to complete the magic items

Requests of Thargrom

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